Mission statement:

Our mission is to prevent and bridge the gaps between communities, instil confidence and self-belief by supporting young individual’s development and to allow a more authentic form of integration.

We create an environment where individual’s are encourage to share and learn from each other to find solutions for their problems, by providing the resources, opportunities, training, support and guidance in order to make lasting change now and for the next generation.

Nomad’s objectives:

  • Bring people together to work to relieve poverty, distress, suffering, and the effects of oppression;
  • At all times, work to protect the children and young people’s physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being.
  • Work together to advance education and learning, informally and formally, in ways that generate both the individuals and collective power of the voices of children and young people;
  • Work to interlink communities, supporting and promoting integration in London and across the UK.


Our Values:

Nomad is a space of understanding, companionship and developing a common ground.

We care about the person, not about ticking boxes.

We value honesty and trust.

It is a place where….

…we challenge ourselves internally and the world externally

…your voice is heard and valued

…we create a continuously growing network of support:

– For individuals and collectively

– for activities now and aspirations and ambitions

…we explore other cultures and share common ground

…there are eye-opening opportunities and to create new possibilities

…we will continuously learn and develop skills

Our Principles:



Experimental Learning.

Social Change.


Process of Reflection,

Action and Evaluation.

Inspiration and Motivation.


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