The Unwritten Tales Of The Tongue – Play:

The Unwritten tales of the tongue developed from the idea of the book. It was a three months theatre project working on script writing, capturing rehearsals through video, note taking, drama workshops, staging, live music and advertising. The stories where based on three female teenagers experiences of knife crime, mental health issues and forced child labour. The play is a creative campaign in raising awareness about these issues. The play was a collective participatory process sharing experiences through story-telling. A Knife crime meeting was held in Harrow leisure centre.12 young people attended, they felt that people needed to listen to the reason why this is such an issue for people their age.

A team of 18 young leaders worked together to plan, organise, script, direct, produce, design the stage and customise The Unwritten Tales of the Tongue Play. As well as documenting the whole process.

We were VERY excited that our Play had the chance to debut at the Camden People’s Theatre as part of the “NO DIRECTION HOME” season programme.