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Permission to grieve led by Hana Elrais gives you the space to be heard in a safe environment. All loss is welcome!

Grief is the natural response to any loss, loss can show up as:

▪️Loss of a loved one
▪️Loss of Finance/dream/opportunity
▪️Loss of a friendship
▪️Moving home
▪️Loss of a pet
▪️Loss of childhood, growing up too quickly
▪️Ambiguous grief
▪️Loss of innocence
▪️Loss of identity
▪️Loss of a relationship
▪️Collective loss

“Let’s gather in a safe, sacred space together in community, where I guide you through various modalities for us to be heard, honoured and witnessed, in our grief.”


Nomad’s Arc House Cafe is now open on Monday- Thursday from 10:00 AM-4:00PM. We serve freshly ground coffee and our new menu is now up and running- Take A Look!