NOMAD Receives funding for COVID-19 Research Project

As an organisation, we have recently been fortunate enough to receive funding for a research project which is focusing on the impact of COVID on the community including those from migrant backgrounds as well as the stories and truth of the researchers themselves. This project is a small team of 4 people originating from Nigeria, Somalia and Uganda.

So far the team have had face to face planning meeting at the Arc and zoom calls and have worked on the aims, purpose, methodology and questions of our research. Just a few weeks ago a focus group with young people and those who were neglected living in hostels with no support, food and money took place.

The researchers are now in the process of  interviewing key workers, food banks, councillors, other organisations, Harrow law centre and the head of Harrow council. They hope to present their findings this year to policy makers, social workers, key workers, politicians and the council.

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