Call and respond song

We are the people who want change the world, world,
We’ve got the power to change the world now,

What tribe are you?
Don’t ask me that,
I don’t do the tribes thing.
Humanity is my identity,
I’m human first.

You are Somali. No I am human first.
You are Syrian. No I am human first.
You are German. No I am human first.

By Remy

Every Thursday  Nights:

Our “Together We Inspire” project is an alternative space for us as young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to create an environment where we can relax and take part in activities and projects which we are passionate about. It is a group with an inclusive attitude, a sense of togetherness where no one is left out, where we can reach our potential and where young people from different cultures share ideas and take on life’s challenges together side-by-side.

We also challenge stereotypical attitudes from society about people from refugee and migrant backgrounds and negative street culture.

Currently we are learning different skills such as T-shirt printing and creative writing.  At every session we also share a hot meal as a group.

For more information and how to get involved contact us on or 020 7998 7220 or 07718 299540.