The Unwritten Tales Of The Tongue – Play:

For the past 3 months we have run a series of workshops/conversations with 45 young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, exploring “what does it mean to be British?” How important is nationality, how does it connect or contradict with other parts of our identity? What kind of Britain do we dream of? What are the implications of Brexit for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds in the current political climate? How can we hope to build that dream together?

From our learning we have decided to explore further these key themes that came out of these conversations:

–      Immigration

–      Equality

–      Diversity

–      Mental health and wellbeing

–      Social Media

–      Knife crime

–      Child slavery in the UK

Currently a team of 18 young leaders are working together to plan, organise, script, direct, produce, design the stage and customise The Unwritten Tales of the Tongue Play. As well as documenting the whole process.


We are VERY excited that our Play will be debuting at the Camden People’s Theatre as part of the “NO DIRECTION HOME” season programme.

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