Nomad Production is our film making and photography training programme. Were young people can learn new skills about film making and photography. Working in small groups, young people will work on each other’s personal projects to learn how to conduct research, shoot and edit a short documentary or fiction film on a theme chosen by them. During this process they will master the basic skills required to work in the television industry, both technical and social.

The course includes the following:-

Visual storytelling: research, planning, storyboarding, scriptwriting,

Technical: How to use a digital SLR for photography and shooting film, composition, framing, exposure, sound recording.

Industry skills: Premiere Pro – learning how to use industry standard editing software. 

Social: time-keeping, cooperation, developing and supporting each other’s ideas. Young people will learn the process of making a film from start to finish and this will provide an opportunity to practise all the skills required for developing their own creative ideas into a visual format. Here are some of the films that were made in the course:

To find out more information contact us on or 020 7998 7220 or 07718 299540